Will Pinkberry Scandal Force You to Find a New Dessert?

pinkberry co-founder criminalDo you find yourself with your kids in tow after school searching for a snack? Sure, we should be enjoying fruit and healthy foods but sometimes all of us I just want a satisfying sweet. More often than not, that sweet treat is Pinkberry. Or "Crackberry" as so many frozen yogurt addicts of a certain taste call it.

Thanks to the actions of co-founder, Young Lee, however, I'm kind of losing my appetite for the tangy yogurt housed in the mod store. You see, Young Lee is on trial for beating a homeless man with a tire iron, and his history shows that he's really, really, really not a nice guy. Lee also has been accused of domestic abuse, and potentially has some gun and drug issues. How this all connects back to delicious yogurt, I have no idea.

Sure, Lee has been out of the Pinkberry business for a few years, and it's not fair to penalize the company for one man's actions, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Luckily, there are alternatives. Yummy, yummy alternatives.


YogurtLand -- And you get to fill up your own giant cup with, like, a zillion flavors! Just be careful since you have to pay by the pound.

Red Mango -- Yes, they blatantly rip off Pinkberry. But so far we haven't seen any punches thrown by the owner.

Ben & Jerry's -- Hey, they have froyo too!

Baskin-Robbins -- Well, they have daiquiri ice, which is kind of like frozen yogurt. Okay, fine it's not. But it RULES.

Anywhere you can get gelato. Really, why are we wasting our time with frozen yogurt, anyway, when we could all be indulging in creamy, rich gelato? Yummmmmm.

Would you boycott Pinkberry because of Lee's trial?


Image via whitneyinchicago/Flickr

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