George Washington McNugget Isn't the Strangest Food Ever Sold on eBay

chicken mcnugget resembling george washington

I get the biggest kick out of people who think their food bears images of famous people and are enterprising enough to then sell said food on eBay. Really, I admire their optimism because who would ever want to pay good money for such crap? Oh, but there are some very strange people in the world as we have come to learn.

A Nebraska mom is the latest person to see a vision in her lunch. On a visit to McDonald's with her children three years ago, she came across a Chicken McNugget resembling none other than George Washington and saved it. At first, I thought this woman was a little McCrazy. But if you look at the image to the right, it actually does seem to resemble our first president -- particularly if you squint. Now, she's selling it on eBay, and the presidential nugget has already received several bids and is going for $356!


George Washington McNugget is the latest but certainly not the strangest food to ever be sold on eBay. That title would of course go to "Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese," which a woman in Florida made and then carried around with her for 10 years, claiming that it gave her good luck. She ended up selling it for $28K to a casino in 2004 -- I'd say that's some pretty good luck, wouldn't you?

Apparently, finding religious icons in food isn't as novel an occurrence as it sounds: In 2008, a woman in Ohio sold fish sticks shaped like the place where Jesus died for $79.

And who can forget the two sisters in Virginia who sold a cornflake shaped like Illinois for a whopping $1,350. It's rumored that the buyer sent someone to pick up the cereal piece by hand so it wouldn't crumble in transit -- THAT's how prized it was!

It makes you wonder, if all these people are seeing visions in their food, then what's wrong with the rest of us who only eat boring food?

Do you think that McNugget looks like George Washington?


Image via eBay

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