‘Downton Abbey’ Cocktails Will Help You Drown End-of-Season Sorrows

downton abbeyIs it too early in the day for a cocktail? It's Thursday, and yet I am still mourning the end of Downton Abbey's 2nd season. And apparently I'm not the only one out there thinking Downton Abbey + booze = bloody good time for all. TheKitchn has begun a series of their own: Downton Abbey cocktails, little drinky-poohs inspired by the characters.

It's a brills idea, but I think it could do with a wee bit of tweaking. The Lady Sibyl is a champagne cocktail with gin and St. Germain, and the Lady Edith is also a champagne cocktail, but with grapefruit juice and more gin. Hmm, I get the bitter for Edith, but why not go all the way and use Campari? And honestly, I think Lady Sibyl is made of much stronger stuff than a delicate floral liqueur. Let's give this some more thought.


I think given Lady Sybil's sympathy for the working classes, not to mention her bold marriage choice, she needs something a bit more, shall we say, muscular. Like a boilermaker. That's a pint of beer served alongside a shot of whiskey. Now that's more Sybil's style! Let's make that a traditional English ale, say Old Speckled Hen, and since Lord Dad is still sending a bit of money, some Penderyn single malt Welsh whiskey.

Now for Lady Edith. Actually, I think we're on the right track with the grapefruit -- almost there. Let's go all the way with an Italian greyhound: vodka, Campari or other aperol, and grapefruit juice.

Lady Mary seems oh-so practical and traditional, but she's always surprising you. And she's got some bite. What about an old fashioned -- but with a dash of Turkish Raki to remember poor Mr. Pamuk by? Add in an extra lemon peel.

Lord Grantham and Matthew will each have a fine, single malt Scotch -- no ice, thank you. The Dowager Countess and Cora would like some sherry, of course. Lavinia sips fairy dew, natch.

The rest of you shall have punch -- Punch Romaine, AKA Titanic Punch, to be exact. That's what Downton Abbey Cooks suggests Mrs. Patmore might whip up after the fox hunt. Meanwhile, the servants will make do with some cheap wine downstairs. Or perhaps a pint or two in the Dowager Countess "go to their heads like strong drink" tumblers.

What cocktails would you create for the characters of Downton Abbey?


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