Chef Claims Tallest Stack of Pancakes & Feels More Manly (VIDEO)

pancake stackHey everybodeeee, let's hear it for Andy Wrobel for winning the Guinness World Record for tallest stack of pancakes! Andy managed to stack 60 pancakes on top of each other, achieving a stack measuring 2.49 feet high. And just in time to celebrate National Pancake Day!

It took loads of practice, 50 hours, and about a quarter ton of buckwheat flour, not to mention a few previous failed attempts, to win the big record this year. And goodness knows Wrobel must get plenty of practice at his job making pancakes at Pancake Parlour in Melbourne, Australia. But there's just one thing about this story I can't help wondering.


What is it with guys and making things tall? This obsession with bigger is better? It's like they're compensating for something ... I know not what. But I will say this: I'll bet Mrs. Wrobel had quite the exciting night with her husband that evening. Because she's glad for him, of course.

And let's hear it for Andy for making that stack stand without the use of Viagra! Whoops, I mean without supports. Why did I say that?!? I have no idea! This is supposed to be about pancakes. A big, huge, towering, powerful stack of pancakes. With melted butter and maple syrup dripping down the sides. And do you know what that reminds me of? Breakfast, duh. What were you thinking?

Here's Andy making his boom-stack grow.

What's the most pancakes you've ever eaten?


Image via lovelypancakes1/Flickr

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