'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: The Wrong Chef Was Sent Packing

Top Chef: TexasWhat?! The three remaining chefs went to Vancouver on Top Chef tonight, and the wrong chef was sent home -- totally robbed. I'm honestly in shock at the way it all played out ... and seriously disappointed.

The three remaining competitors were Paul Qui, Sarah Grueneberg, and Lindsay Autry -- all strong chefs, though Sarah has proved annoying and rude throughout the season. After the Quickfire challenge that Sarah won cooking up Asian food, it was on to the fire and ice challenge. The chefs had to cook up fare for 150 guests that incorporated both fire and ice. Some took it literally while others more figuratively.

All of their dishes had good points, but none was flawless. Some were more flawed than others, however ... like oh say a big glop of frozen pasta sauce placed atop pasta.


That was Sarah's dish, and I thought it would freeze her out of the competition for sure. A little extra arugula (Paul) and some raw kale that wasn't wow-worthy (Lindsay) did not seem to be at risk when there was a big mistake like that. The sauce was supposed to melt, and it didn't. I don't care how good that pasta was or how ambitious the dish, frozen sauce ... ewwww. Yet Sarah lived.

Then it was down to Paul and Lindsay. I thought Paul may be beaten down by arugula again, as did he, but he wound up winning the whole challenge and a trip to Costa Rica. So Lindsay was asked to pack her knives. What an injustice.

It's not that Lindsay was my long-time favorite, but rather I'm now afraid that Sarah will take the whole competition. That would be really hard to stomach. I hope Paul can pull out a win, but I feel like the judges have pushed Sarah along several times when she didn't deserve it, and they may just push her to that final finish line for the win.

Do you think Lindsay should have been sent home? Who do you want to win the finale -- Paul or Sarah?

Image via Bravo

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