Conan's Hilarious Girl Scout Cookies Joke Sticks It to Indiana Republican

conan girl scout cookiesThe Girl Scouts were all over the news today after Rep. Bob Morris, a Republican lawmaker from Indiana, refused to honor the occasion of their centennial anniversary because he accused the organization of being "a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood" and "promoting a homosexual lifestyle" among other unspeakable things.

Morris has since been on the receiving end of a severe backlash for his moronic comments. But one of the best responses came in the form of a good-natured spoof via Conan O'Brien, who revealed some new flavors of Girl Scout Cookies with an obvious godless liberal agenda. I dare say you might find some of them downright shocking.


Here's Conan's rather hilarious "Eff You" to Rep. Morris:

Roe Vs Wafers! Dulce de Longterm Roommates! Sodomints! Savannah Smiles Because She's Having a Lesbian Affair With a Planned Parenthood Doctor! Is it just me or is anyone else getting reeeeally hungry?

What's so very genius about this bit is that Conan is sticking it to Rep. Morris with the very thing that the lawmaker obviously needs more of in his life -- cookies! Surely, the lawmaker is lacking in this area; otherwise, he wouldn't be so hateful to an organization that has helped so many girls and women. How do you tame the bullies at the lunch table? Give them cookies! Same thing goes here.

After all, didn't you think it was strange that in that long letter Morris sent Indiana House Republicans in which he rambled on about the many transgressions of the Girl Scouts, there was no mention of Girl Scout COOKIES, the very thing that the organization has come to symbolize?

Leave it to Conan to refocus the Girl Scouts conversation on the most pressing issue at hand (the cookies). Sometimes the only way to beat sheer ridiculousness is with sweetness.

Which Girl Scout cookies are your favorite?

Image via YouTube

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