Smart Phones Make Party Planning Easy

boost mobileThe following is a post from our sponsor, Boost Mobile.

Hosting a party always seems like a great idea ... until the planning begins. From the guest list to the music, it can be a challenge to keep everything organized. Thank goodness for technology and working on the go!

Here are some tips to make your next party a success:

  1. Make a guest list. Updating your contact list complete with email addresses, phone numbers, and home addresses will make it easy to send invitations (and pester people who haven’t replied!).
  2. Create a checklist. There are so many details!
  3. Plan a menu. What’s a party without great food? Use recipe apps to find new dishes to serve.
  4. Make shopping simple. Gone are the days of paper shopping lists! Use your phone and add items to your list as you remember them. It’s easy to edit as you shop and you can’t forget your list at home.
  5. Music. No party is complete without a great playlist -- so take the time to create one!
  6. Shoot & share. Be sure to snap a few photos and videos for everyone who couldn’t attend.

Do you use your smart phone to help you plan your parties? How do you use technology to make things easier?

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