Trendy Kombucha Tea Could Be a Life Saver -- or a Deadly Drink

kombucha tea deadly
Kombucha tea has been sweeping the nation for the past few years, as you can't walk into a Whole Foods without tripping over a case. Heck, I even know people who make their own little starter Kombucha, whatever that means. The point is, it's trendy, it's supposed to be a miracle cure for what ails you, and people LOVE it.

Now, however, the backlash has arrived and it's a doozy. Did you know Kombucha tea can kill you? No? Well, maybe it can. Or totally not. Let's explore!


First of all, allow me to explain what Kombucha tea actually is. Even though I've never put it to my lips (so I can't vouch for the taste of this stuff), Kombucha is apparently quite good, as it is fermented sweetened black or green tea, with a yeast and bacteria culture getting all up in it. That may not sound good to you, but for the healthy types, it is. It's a pro-biotic, which can make your stomach feel nice and balanced, and we all know that green tea is packed with antioxidants and cancer-fighting goodness. Some people say Kombucha tea even fights wrinkles, insomnia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and diabetes.

But others say Kombucha tea can give you anthrax of the skin. And that sounds bad, doesn't it? If you're brewing Kombucha at home, apparently it can be dangerous and toxic. I suppose someone could say that about anything you're making at home and not under some kind of regulation. What one could also say about most other things is that Kombucha in excess causes severe health problems. In fact, people have been hospitalized after going on Kombucha binges. One woman's death is also linked to drinking Kombucha, after her heart stopped after drinking it daily for two months.

So that seems not so good. But again, having not ever tried Kombucha and not being on the pro-Kombucha bandwagon, I have no idea if this elixir is worth defending or not. I do know I won't be drinking it every day for two months, though. And since a Mayo clinic representative says these claims of Kombucha being a magical elixir cannot be proven, maybe I won't even bother with a taste test.

Do you love Kombucha?


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