Bethenny Frankel's New Skinnygirl Wine Causes Bottley Harm

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bethenny frankelBethenny Frankel declared on the premiere of the third season of her reality show, Bethenny Ever After, that she finally feels comfortable saying that her company, Skinnygirl, is now a brand with a capital B. And if that new apartment is any indication, she ain't lyin'. Damn that place was huge. I hope she hosts a roller-derby party inside there sometime in the future. Anyway, speaking of her ever-expanding empire, Bethenny's come out with a new Skinnygirl product that should make fans of hers, and fans of cheap booze, very happy.

Starting in April, stores will be carrying Skinnygirl wine that comes in red, white, and blush. (If you ask me, it should be named Skinnygirl whine because that's all Bethenny seems to do now these days -- zing -- but no one consulted me.) And its claim to fame? It's 100 calories a glass.

An average glass of red wine is 150 calories a pour, white's about 130, and rose is around 160. Bethenny's varieties will save you some calories, just like her margarita and sangria mixes will, but where there's fewer calories, there's usually less taste.

skinnygirl wine

I'm personally not a fan of her other booze options, they're way too sweet and chemically-tasting for me, even though they're supposedly all-natural, so I have very low expectations for her new wines. I'd imagine, however, that if you like her other drinks, you'll like these. And obviously, the wines will likely be a commercial success since her other bottles of booze just seem to fly off the shelves.

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And I'm sure her wine isn't bad for you, but the poor bottles it's in -- I bet they wish they were used for a full bodied Merlot, or a grassy Gruner. Instead they got used for some celeb low-cal drink. Sadness for them.

Because wine is something to be enjoyed, and savored, and experienced. I don't know if you really want to skimp on the calories when it comes to one of nature's greatest fermentation gifts. It's like those low-fat, low-cal brownies that we've all tried that taste like cocoa chalk mixed with sand. It's just not worth it. If you want a brownie, or a glass of wine, it's better, in my opinion, to have the real thing.

Are you interested in trying Bethenny's wine?


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the4m... the4mutts

Actually, yes. I HATE wine. Loathe it actually.

But I've found that the cheaper, lower calorie wines, are bette suited to my picky pallet. I'm HOPING they're sweet like the rest of her stuff, because I hate bitter drinks.

Elise48 Elise48

Depending on how much it is I might give it a try just out of curiosity. I'm not good at drinking wine and NOT finishing the bottle, though, so the few calories saved per glass isn't that big of a deal to me since I wipe out my calorie budget for the day anyway. :-)

nonmember avatar LBH

Newsflash: ANY wine (red, white or champagne) is around 100 calories a glass (6oz pour)... Problem is, most people pour way more than 6oz.

Carol Lavallee

Bethenny is finally comfortable, finacally, so all the haters are coming out!!!! Keep it up, Bethenny and laugh at the haters just keep doing what you're doing!! Remember it's all for Bryn!!



nonmember avatar Sharlette White

As someone who likes a glass of wine or a drink occassionally And As someone who is in the process of losing weight, I appreciate her lower calorie drinks. Having lost 45 pounds in the las year I chose her margaritas because it counts less than the regular ones. The taste you are probably referring to is the Aguava. It has a totally different taste but it is organic and acceptable in dieting.

Bmat Bmat

I am interested in at least trying them.  I love a deep-bodied red, but a lighter red might be nice too if it isn't oversweet.

lalas... lalasmama2007

I'm not a huge wine drinker, but I'll try anything once...

Madel... Madelaine


count... countrygirl670

I ain't drinkin no low brand wine called "Skinny Girl".  If I'm gonna drink some low brand wine, it'd be called "Drunk Girl."

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