Caffeine You Inhale Is an Insult to Coffee

aeroshot inhaling caffeineIn case you haven't heard, the newest way to get a buzz is via a small lipstick-shaped canister (see right) that delivers a "shot" of powdered, inhalable caffeine. AeroShot Pure Energy, which debuted last month, is a quick way for consumers to forgo their usual coffee, soda, and Red Bull and get a quick caffeine fix just by breathing in a lime-flavored puff of powder from the device. Mmmmmmmm ... well, not exactly.

True, at just $2.99 per canister, AeroShot is far cheaper than a latte. But it hardly improves on the coffee drinking experience. In fact, if you ask me, it's a rather silly invention that raises way more trouble than it's worth.


Of course, as with any product that provides an energy boost, there are some safety concerns. Although the company, Breathable Foods, maintains that the product provides a safe amount of caffeine and B vitamins and does not contain common additives typically found in energy drinks, the FDA is reviewing it to make sure it is safe for consumption. Meanwhile, some experts are concerned that the novelty of such a product might cause certain people in search of a quick buzz -- specifically, teens and young adults -- to abuse it. (Breathable Foods says it's not targeting anyone under 18.)

But let's forget the potential safety issues for just a second, and zero in on the real issue at hand: Why would anyone in their right mind choose lime-flavored powder that dissolves on your tongue over a piping hot, aromatic mug of delicious, comforting coffee? I have heard scary rumors of people amongst us who don't like coffee (shocking, I know). But surely even these folks, too, have a delicious way to get their daily caffeine fix -- warming tea, refreshing cola, or maybe even chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Maybe I do have a teeny-tiny caffeine addiction, but I like to think there's tradition and culinary art attached to my daily coffee consumption. The idea of inhaling my drug of choice through a cheap plastic canister just to get a buzz, well, that's an insult to those of us who love and cherish our morning joe.

Have you tried AeroShot? Do you think it's a good alternative to coffee or do you think people will abuse it?


Image via AeroShot

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