Vegetables Have No Business Being in Dessert

vegetable dessertAs someone who loves food -- all kinds of food -- I'm surprised by my immediate negative reaction to this latest food trend of using vegetables in desserts. Yet, here I am freaking out about someone who would dare put an eggplant in my last course. I'm sorry, but I just can't help it. I like my vegetables in appetizers, in the main course, even as a snack. But I will draw the line at my dessert. Cilantro has no place in my mousse. None. Keep it to yourselves avant-garde foodies, and let me enjoy my creams, chocolates, and sugars all by themselves. 

Especially you there, making the sunchoke sorbet. I mean, what is that?


This Wall Street Journal articles points out all of these crazy vegetable desserts all around the U.S.A., and the only one I can slightly get behind is the baked polenta custard being served up in Austin, Texas. Maybe because corn seems like one of those vegetables that's not really a vegetable. Corn is sweet and basically turns into sugar, so it makes sense to treat it as such. But tomato gelee should really be a part of the main course, not when you're expecting to be taken to heaven by sweetness.

Sure, they say the only people who may complain about these new desserts are 4-year-olds, but I'm well past my toddler years and I just don't want some vegetable texture in my ice cream. If this makes me as picky as a toddler, well, so be it. (This is where I admit I hate mixing fruit in salads. I like the green stuff, without the sweet. There it is.)

Perhaps I'm the only person to reject this new fangled trend, and I'll be like those luddites who refuse to get a cellphone. But that's okay. That just means there will be plenty of traditional chocolate cake left over for me.

Would you want to try these vegetable desserts?


Image via Thai Jasmine/Flickr

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