5 Perfect Ways to Celebrate National Pancake Day

pancakeGet your griddles ready ... National Pancake Day is coming. It's February 28, and to make sure there's no waffling when it comes to your plan for this glorious day, it's best that you prepare now.

It's an entire day dedicated to one of breakfast's best players. Warm and hearty, pancakes are the perfect way to begin a day, and they make a fine dinner or lunch as well. They're so versatile, their potential for deliciousness knows no bounds. So in honor of this great day, here are five ways you can celebrate National Pancake Day -- at least one of which is totally free:


1. Get free pancakes at IHOP

Since I know you want to know what you can get free first, here it is: From 7 a.m.-10 p.m. on February 28, you can show up to your local IHOP and get a free short stack of their buttermilk pancakes at no cost. To make the deal even sweeter, they're raising funds for Children's Miracle Network hospitals that day, so you can't go wrong.

2. Emphasize the cake in pancakes

These fun and delicious cake-inspired pancake recipes will leave you wondering if you're eating breakfast or dessert. On National Pancake Day it really doesn't matter -- just enjoy.

3. Play with your pancakes

Remember Jim the Pancake Man who wowed the Internet with his amazing pancake sculptures awhile back? Seeing as how he hasn't updated his blog since last September, perhaps he's gotten a bit tired. But he provides plenty of inspiration for the big day. You can get amazingly creative with this malleable food.

4. Stuff your pancakes

Who said they have to be flat as ... well, pancakes? Plump them up a bit by putting some amazing ingredients in the middle. This version is stuffed with bananas and Nutella

5. Savor spud cakes

Not all pancakes require syrup. These savory potato pancakes are perfect all by themselves.

How will you celebrate National Pancake Day?

Image via Michele Hubacek/Flickr

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