5 Delicious New Ways to Serve Eggs

egg frittataLet's be honest: Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast can be difficult -- especially when it seems like all the "on-the-go" options are much faster, more convenient, and more appealing than going to your stove and making scrambled egg whites for the bazillionth time. Believe me -- I used to think that was the best way to go, and although I'd jazz 'em up with peppers, onions, spinach, etc., it's really just the same ol', same ol'.

But ever since I've been trying to get more lean protein into my diet -- especially in the morning! -- eggs are a must. But same ol' eggs just won't cut it. Boredom is like Kryptonine to a healthy lifestyle! Thus, I've explored various techniques to mix it up and "do eggs" in unexpected ways. Turns out, there are so many awesome options!

  1. Frittata - This is my new go-to ... for dinner, believe it or not. Yeah you've heard of doing breakfast for dinner, but this is seriously dinner for dinner. It's not just an open-faced omelette as it used to be thought of as. It's the perfect conduit to getting tons of protein (eggs and you can also add in meat and/or cheese, if you wish) and veggies, because you can put whatever strikes your fancy into your skillet, pour in some Egg Beaters/eggs/egg whites, sprinkle some cheese on top, pop in the broiler, and boom -- you've got an awesome "egg pizza" that's crispy on top and fluffy inside. Bonus: The leftovers double as the perfect pop-in-the-micro-and-go protein and veggie fix.
  2. Quiche - Like the frittata, but with a delicious, savory CRUST! Oh yes. Egg PIE! Quiche is totally one of those things that you know you've had before and it was delicious, but you kinda forget that you can whip one up so easily and it would be amazing!
  3. Eggs Benedict - This decadent egg sandwich is totally a dish that shouldn't only be limited to being served at fancy brunches. You can do all different versions of it, substituting veggies for the ham or even making it with seafood like crab or lobster. YUM.
  4. Breakfast burrito - I'm a major Tex-Mex fan, often singing the praises of the cuisine's natural ability to become really healthy. Cuz you don't have to make your fave Tex-Mex dishes fried or filled with fattening creamy sauces, cheeses, etc. (Okay, even though sometimes your taste buds really want you to ...) And you can use eggs to boost the protein. Egg whites + black beans + salsa = BAM, flavorful, fast breakfast! You could even add in some avocado or a dab of sour cream. Whatever strikes your fancy, you know.
  5. Egg pocket - Sick of wraps or English muffins, bagels, and toast? Go for a pita and fill it up with scrambled eggs and whatever else you're in the mood for. It's not only healthy, but it makes for an awesome portable breakfast, too.

What's your favorite way to serve eggs?


Image via jeffreyw/Flickr

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