'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: Fire, Ice & Playing Nice

Top Chef: TexasIt has taken awhile on this season of Top Chef: Texas to rile up any real passion for the competition. Sure, it's been fun to watch, but that real sense of anticipation and nail-biting nervousness over who will beat whom hasn't been there for many viewers ... until tonight. Tonight, we finally got into it as the final four headed to British Columbia

Before they made it to Vancouver for the final competition, there was a pit stop in Whistler for a series of cold and challenging competitions atop the ski slopes. First up, cooking in a moving gondola.


Though she claimed she felt like a mess after not cooking enough salmon, Lindsay Autry snagged the first win and a guaranteed spot in the final three. Paul Qui came in last, but vowed to kick it up a notch in the next challenge, which he did when faced with retrieving food from blocks of ice. He won the challenge for his food, but also points in my book for being such a great guy when he helped Sarah Grueneberg and Beverly Kim get their food out of the ice (and prevented them from killing themselves of each other with ice picks -- how hilarious/scary was Bev with one of those things?!).

Then it was down to the two most contentious contestants -- Sarah and Beverly, who have been rivals the whole competition. I was really rooting for Beverly. She's such a great underdog, and Sarah was so mean to her at various points that I just wanted Bev to stick up for herself.

After skiing and shooting for their food, they dished up their plates. The judges liked both, but in the end it was Sarah's braised rabbit that beat out Beverly's arctic char. So Bev was sent packing. While she was clearly disappointed, she fought such a good fight that she should be proud. I think Sarah also has some remorse about how she treated Bev based on the way she acted tonight (much nicer and less condescending) as well as her opening comments that her goal was to be a nice person in the competition. So that's good to see, but I would have rather seen her go home.

The final three will now head to Vancouver for the final competition -- Paul, Lindsay, and Sarah. I'd like to see Paul win it, but my guess is that one of the ladies just may take it this year.

Who do you want to see win the finale? Were you glad to see Sarah beat Bev?

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