Runaway Sled Dog Rescued With Enchiladas and Roast Beef

enchiladasAs far as I'm concerned, enchiladas and roast beef would save the day for me, any day. But outside Anchorage, Alaska, enchiladas and roast beef saved the day for the owner of a runaway sled dog. Gather 'round the campfire, everyone, while I share the happy tale of Whistler, the well-fed Iditarod dog.

Whistler had flown with his fellow sled dogs all the way from Norway to Frankfurt to Seattle and finally to Anchorage to compete in the Iditarod. His mistress, Silvia Furtwrangler, thinks maybe he just got stir crazy from all the travel. Somehow he managed to escape from the dog truck and run off! Volunteers who spotted Whistler offered moose steaks and bacon, but Whistler would not exchange his freedom for such meaty snacks! But then he met the enchiladas.


Danny Parish spotted Whistler at 6:45 in the morning and offered Whistler his lunch, leftover enchiladas. After rejecting so many other snacks along the trail, the hungry dog finally gave in and ate the enchiladas. Like a smart dog! But he still kept his distance.

Whistler lingered near the area, though, and cafe manager Charlene Oliver befriended Whistler with a bit of brownie. (Oh yeah, that would totally work on me, too.) And then she lured the dog into a garage with some roast beef. Finally captured! Whistler will join his pack training for the Iditarod, which begins in three weeks.

Look at all these people who were willing to share their food to help round up this lost, runaway dog! And what tasty lures, too -- I mean, Danny gave up his delicious lunch! And Charlene's friend gave up their roast beef, which was probably kind of expensive (probably shipped from somewhere south). Anyway, I wonder if Whistler will forever perk up every time he picks up a whiff of Mexican food?

Is anyone else suddenly craving enchiladas now?


Image via jeffreyw/Flickr

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