New Ski-Thru Starbucks Is One Way to Get an Iced Coffee

starbucks ski-thruPeople love to complain that "Starbucks is taking over," referring to the fact that a new branch of the coffee chain seemingly pops up on every corner. But the newest expansion is nothing to gripe about. In fact, I think you'd agree it's pretty awesome: There's a new mountaintop Starbucks at the Squaw Valley ski resort in California. So how do you get there? Well, you ski up to it, of course!


According to the press release, the mountaintop Starbucks, which is located at an elevation of 8,000 feet, "boasts spectacular mountain views and the unique ability for guests to keep their skis or board on while they order their Starbucks beverage of choice."

So, let me put this into perspective for you: Imagine that you are on the slopes, and you just happen to be craving a Venti vanilla extra hot latte. Well, now you can just ski or board over to the Starbucks, order your drink, and satisfy your caffeine fix without taking off your equipment. It's pure genius, I tell you!

A ski-thru Starbucks really makes you think about where else it would be convenient to have a Starbucks ... Obviously, if you're going to have one Starbucks up in the air, then you can have more and not just at 8,000 feet, but even higher -- say on airplanes. (Those gate-side locations only get you so far.) And, all this talk of airborne Starbucks means there should be some at sea level, too -- specifically, beach-side -- it's only fair. And why stop there? I wouldn't put an underwater Starbucks past the ubiquitous coffee chain.

Of course, that would mean that Starbucks is truly "taking over" practically every aspect of our lives. But if that means more convenient coffee drinks, I suppose there are worse things to bitch about.

Where would you like to see a Starbucks?


Image via Global X/Flickr

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