Chipotle Was the Surprise Star of Grammys 2012 (VIDEO)

Chipotle Commerical From Adele to Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney Houston, the 2012 Grammys were packed with plenty of wow-inducing moments. There was one star, however, that no one expected to shine quite as brightly as it did -- Chipotle.

Yes, that's right; the Tex-Mex chain was the breakout performer of the night with a commercial that got rave reviews. Set to the music of Willie Nelson who covers Coldplay's "The Scientist," the two-minute animated commercial was a powerful statement not about how wonderful its burritos are, but about the ethics behind their food and the importance of sustainable farming. It put Coldplay's live performance to shame. If you missed it, check it out after the jump.


Pretty powerful use of animated pigs, right?

The ad was released online last summer, but this is the first time the company has aired a national commercial on television. Viewers responded just as enthusiastically as they do to their delicious food.

From Twitter:

Best #Grammy performance? That incredible @Chipotle commercial featuring Willie Nelson covering @Coldplay's The Scientist. Wow. -- @brewhouse

My favorite part of the Grammys was the Chipotle commercial. -- @elleburdi
This Chipotle commercial is the best Coldplay performance of the night. (Thanks, Willie). -- @mariskreizman

While there was smattering of dislike from vegetarians, for the most part, people are calling it what it is -- an amazing commercial and a good wake-up call for other companies that people do care about where their food comes from and how it is raised.

Once again Chipotle proves it rules the fast food scene. And once again, I'm craving one of their big steak salads for lunch. Now if only they'd start delivering.

Did you love Chipotle's commercial during the Grammys? Do their ethical food practices make your more apt to eat there? Who do you think sings the song better -- Coldplay or Willie Nelson?

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