5 Romantic Breakfast Ideas Perfect for Valentine's Day

eggs in basketAnything better than breakfast in bed? If you ask me, then yes, yes there is. Breakfast in bed is messy. And hard to eat. Between all the pillows and the breakable glassware and the whole crumbs issue, I find the gesture to be highly overrated. However! Breakfast doesn't have to be served in bed to be considered romantic. There are all kinds of fun and quixotic ways to serve up the most important meal of the day that won't leave you worried about staining your sheets or getting oatmeal on the lampshade.

So this Valentine's Day, consider these 5 romantic breakfast ideas that will show your loved ones just how much you care. Nothing says "I love you" more than eggs in a heart-shaped basket, right?


It's so cute. And you don't need a heart cookie-cutter, either -- you can cut the heart out of the toast with a knife. Feed this to your sweetheart with a side of bacon and they'll love you forever.

Or you could appeal to their sweet tooth with some homemade chocolate waffles. The name says it all, and they sound delicious. Add some cocoa powder to your favorite waffle recipe and boom! Special Valentine's Day breakfast.

Perhaps your love is a health nut or still adhering to one of those hateful New Year's resolutions to eat better. In that case, whip up this orange sunrise smoothie to show them you love their heart ... and their arteries. Garnish with some naturally heart-shaped strawberries and serve with a heart crazy straw.

If you're lucky enough to have taken Valentine's Day off, why not start the romantic day with some champagne? Make that pink champagne! Use this delicious raspberry royale recipe for a simple yet impressive morning cocktail.

And if you hate cooking or if you have less than 30 seconds in the morning, you can still do something special. Serve their yogurt and granola in a martini glass, or plate those pop tarts on your best china. Using your fanciest glass and tabletop wares really classes up the morning routine. Throw a rose, or a flower from your neighbor's yard, on the dish for extra pizazz and love.

Happy romancing!

What do you like to make or do for a romantic breakfast?


Photo via Carey Nershi for petitekitchenesse.com

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