Restaurant Won't Serve Cheaters But Maybe It Should

refuse service signYou know those signs you see at any store, dining establishment, or anywhere there are things being sold: "We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone"? Like, say, this one? While this may be only a sign that gets ignored in many locales, one restaurant owner is taking his right to refuse service very seriously. A Beijing man has decided he will refuse to serve anyone who brings his mistress in to dine at his fine establishment (note: he says "mistress" not "boy toy"), and especially those who use "public money" to pay for their good time.

Bravo, sir. Bravo. If only more people would put their morals before money, and refuse service to those they disagree with on a regular basis. Oh, wait, that totally happens. And it's not such an awesome thing.


I'm thinking specifically of people who discriminate against people of differing races, religions, sexual orientation, and breastfeeders. Sure, you, as a business owner, can kick anyone out that you find undesirable. You have that right. But you're kind of a jerk if you do. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of cheaters, especially those dining out on the expense report. But perhaps this guy could have some food specials for those who choose to behave in this manner, and they could also cost twice as much.

For example:

"The Devil(ed) Egg Made Me Do It" Appetizer

The "A Ho's Gotta' Eat Platter"

And of course, for dessert, "A Nasty Good Tart"

As long as this guy can make a buck, while shaming those with different standards, everyone should be allowed into his establishment. Right?

Do you think this guy is right in banning cheaters and their sidekicks?

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