Diane von Furstenberg Diet Coke Is So Chic You Won't Want to Drink It

dvf cokeWhat could possibly possess you to pay $30 for a 4-pack of Diet Coke? Diet Coke spiked with superpowers, perhaps? What about limited-edition bottles covered in snazzy designs by Diane von Furstenberg?

If designer Diet Coke sounds a little too decadent for you, this collaboration does have its angelic side: 100 percent of the proceeds go to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) in support of The Heart Truth program for women's heart health research. And that just makes my heart go pitter-pat!


This is actually the 2nd designer-Diet Coke collaboration we've seen. Last year Coke did a collaboration with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld -- which means those sodas were about as close as any of us could get to buying real Chanel. His collection came in hot pink, white, and silver.

Anway, I love the DVF collaboration. Her bottles are in the classic Coke colors, red, black, white, and silver -- and the red is definitely a nod to FNIH. The Heart Truth program has a red theme. There's also the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show, which benefits FNIH.

So, does Diet Coke taste any different in a designer bottle? Wouldn't I like to know... I bet it tastes fantastic if you drink it in one of her dresses. But I will probably never find out. Anyway, these Cokes are obviously not for drinking, darling! Why would you want to ruin the design by breaking the caps? On the shelf they go, where you can enjoy the pop of the designs instead of the fizz of the soda.

Would you buy Diane von Furstenberg's Diet Coke?


Image via DVF

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