'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: Mentors Matter

Edward LeeJust when the four remaining chefs on Top Chef: Texas thought they’d grabbed a coveted spot in the final four, in walked the winner of the Last Chance Kitchen Challenge to join them again. Surprisingly, it was Beverly Kim, which wasn’t a good surprise for the other chefs, especially Sarah Grueneberg and Lindsay Autry, who have seemed to have a particular dislike for her from the beginning.

Sarah won the Quickfire challenge, which presented her with a big choice – to take a brand new car and compete against the others for a spot in the final four, or forgo the car for a guaranteed spot in the final four. She chose the latter, which seemed to be sort of admitting her fear of the others, but she got her spot.


Then in came the mentors, and out poured the tears. Each chef had such a wonderful story about his or her mentor encouraging and guiding them. It was really touching. The challenge was meaningful as well – to make a meal that would make their mentors proud.

With just four of the chefs cooking one dish each (Sarah got to go off and celebrate with her mentor), things moved to the tasting table quickly. All of them impressed the judges, but it was Beverly's shrimp dish and Paul Qui 's sunchoke soup that the judges liked the best. Paul pulled ahead slightly for the win and was rewarded with a Prius – probably the one that Sarah turned down.

That left Lindsey and Edward Lee in the bottom two. Lindsay’s use of cream in her seafood stew was found questionable; and it’s was Ed’s oyster sauce, which he served with braised pork belly, that the judges found fishy.

Once they found out he used canned oysters for it his sauce, that was pretty much it, and Ed was sent packing. So now a female-dominated final four remain – Paul, Sarah, Beverly,  and Lindsay. My money is on Lindsay to win, though I’d much rather see Paul or even Beverly take it.

Who do you want to win Top Chef: Texas?

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