How to Order Wine on a Date Without Getting Dumped

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There's an art to ordering a good bottle of wine on a romantic date, and let me assure you that it certainly doesn't involve panic in the streets, hand sweats, fumbling through the list, and acting like you learned how to read only yesterday. Sure, wine can be intimidating, but that doesn't mean you should let it make a mockery out of you, especially in front of your date. And with Valentine's Day just around the corner it's time you learned to order like a pro. So, relax, open that wine list with poise and confidence, and let Gwendolyn Osborn from show you how it's done:


Here are Gwendolyn's tips for how to navigate the wine list in front of your date. Follow her tips and who knows? Maybe dinner will lead to something more ...

Always be prepared.

It's likely you'll look at the restaurant menu online before your dinner so why not the wine list, too? Downloading and perusing the wine list ahead of time is a great way to get familiar with it. That way you're not spending the first 30 minutes staring at the list instead of into your date's adoring eyes.

Don't be afraid to say exactly what you want.

Maybe your knowledge of certain wine regions is rusty or you can't tell the difference between a pinot noir and pinotage -- no biggie. Confidently describe the taste of wine you and your date like -- Light and crisp? Rich and fruity? Big and bold? -- to your server or sommelier and they'll take it from there.

Don't be a cheap date.

Beware of wines by the glass and the most inexpensive bottles of wine. The highest markups are on the cheapest wines (that's how the restaurants make a lot of money), so while you think you are saving a few dollars here and there you might not be getting a good value. Plus, you'll look really cheap. A good bet is a wine priced around $40-$50, if you can afford it.

What kind of wine do you typically order out?


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