Bikini Baristas Expand and Not Just in Cup Size

boob coffee shop baristasOh lord. I thought we all agreed that patrons of Hooters are either a) frat boys, or b) middle-aged men who still think they're in Sigma Phi circa 1988. Therefore, there is no need to grow a business such as this, because there are a limited number of neanderthals in the modern world. Right? Then why are boob-a-rific coffee houses expanding?

Apparently, because people like seeing boobs on television. Especially reality television. This, of course, is a no brainer. But you know where I don't want boobs? In my coffee. And not just for the obvious reasons.


First of all, Baristas, the coffee company that started the skimpy lady trend in Seattle, does not have a great reputation. They've been sued for not paying employees their due. Which I'm assuming would be a lot if you're wearing bikinis and lingerie during dreary Seattle weather while handling hot beverages. And they're going to do a reality show about this? Hmmmmm.

Another sexxxy coffee shop in Seattle was taken down because of prostitution charges. So ladies of Seattle, if your man has some huge expenditures at one of these coffee shops, you might get to yourself tested for some STDs.

Baristas, even though I don't think you have venereal disease just because you strip down to serve coffee, there is something incredibly un-hygenic about the whole thing. I don't care if you wax, I don't care if you're clean as a whistle. I just don't want your naked skin that close to something I'm about to ingest. I don't know you, and it seems kind of inappropriate, don't you think? I mean, women get kicked out of coffee shops for breastfeeding. How is it you're allowed to actually put milk in my latte?

Would you buy coffee from a nekkid'ish barista?


Image via YouTube

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