McDonald's Apology to Pit Bull Owners Makes Me Hungry

mcdonald's pit bull
More Risky Than a Dog Attack?
Fascinating news from McDonald's, as the burger empire takes down an ad for their new Chicken McBites because they offended pit bull owners. So a movie about how your food is processed doesn't give you pause, but a bunch of whiny pit bull owners complaining about an ad that said "petting a stray pit bull" was risky will? (Note to whiners: A stray pit bull doesn't even HAVE an owner, by definition.)

Perhaps McDonald's should have asked me first about the wrath of this small but vocal group. They are an aggressive crowd and have been known to bite for lesser reasons. Of course, it's not so much the tendency to bite, but the way that they just hold on, like a steel trap, that causes the real damage. Clearly, you didn't enjoy being mauled by pit bull owners and have caved under the attack. That's a wimpy thing to do, but those pit bull folks had a point. Is petting a stray pit bull less dangerous than eating at McDonald's? Let's take a look at the menu.


Shamrock Shake

The seasonal green shake that so many find irresistible; it's still a risk to put that much food coloring and sugar into your body. But it's a risk I'd take anytime while running away from the stray pit. Winner: McDonald's.

McDonald's Cheeseburger

Umm, did you see what happened after a lady kept one of these for an entire year? NOTHING. Far, far riskier than a pat on the head of a pit bull. Winner: Pit Bulls.

Small Order of French Fries

No contest. Fries are never a risk. NEVER. Winner: McDonald's.

Chicken McNugget

You've seen what this looks like before it's made into a "McNugget" right? I'd rather pet a pen full of pit bulls before eating another nugget. Winner: Pit Bulls.

What do you think is riskier: petting pit bulls or eating at McDonald's?

Image via Link576/Flickr

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