Jack in the Box Takes Bacon Love Way Too Far (VIDEO)

Bacon Shake You know, this bacon thing just isn't funny anymore. We've now seen it put in everything from cookies to sexual lubricant and lattes. But blessedly it's been limited to a few kitschy products here and there and the domain of those at home who insist on adding it to anything and everything. Now, however, Jack in the Box has to go and take this trend of bacon in places it doesn't belong to the masses.

That's right, Jack is bringing the world the bacon milkshake. Now, at a drive-thru near you, you can slurp down the bacony, sugary concoction for a few bucks. And we wonder why people make fun of Americans.


Each shake contains 773 calories and 40 grams of fat. Not to mention the 319 mg of sodium. It's a porker for sure, though not that different than any of their other shakes (a strawberry shake has 778 calories and 38 grams of fat). That's likely because it thankfully uses bacon-flavored syrup instead of real bacon. But still, it's the idea of the whole thing that's just unsettling. Mostly, I just can't imagine it can taste good. At all. Fortunately, there aren't any Jack in the Boxes in my area, so I won't be tempted too much to find out. 

There are plenty of places bacon belongs, and it's fun to throw it in something unexpected once in awhile, but to institutionalize it like this in a chain restaurant and market it to the masses is just frightening. Bacon is a fine meat, but, contrary to popular belief, it does NOT make everything better. I'm all for a sweet and salty combination, but this just goes where no pork should go.

Thank goodness this bacon shake is only around for a limited time as part of the restaurant's ridiculous "Marry Bacon" campaign (see commercial below). But it still sets a scary course for what's to come from other fast food establishments who will likely jump on this trend that should have died long, long ago.

Would you try the bacon shake?

Image via Jack in the Box

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