You’ve Never Seen Fast Food Ordered Like This at the Drive-Thru (VIDEO)

sonic menuDo you ever feel like the fast-food drive-through experience is lacking a little magic? Even though it's kind of miraculous that you can just drive somewhere and people will pop out a window and hand you hot burgers and fries, the whole routine has kind of gotten a little stale lately. But that all changed this week.

It happened at a Sonic Drive-In. Two guys pulled up, one with a guitar. And wait until you hear what they did. Chili cheese tater tots never sounded so delicious.


The guy with the guitar sang his order! You knew that was coming, right? This is just the happiest fast food story ever, ever heard. He calls himself "Giorgio" and he sings his whole order. "I'd like a number 8 with large chili cheese tater tots ..." It totally cracks up the Sonic employee, too. At one point there's silence at her end and I can only imagine that she's rolling on the floor, trying to compose herself so she can take the rest of the order. "Are you ready for the next part?" Giorgio sings, before she finally comes back.

Don't you just LOVE THAT? And here's the thing -- he just orders some chili dogs, tater tots, and cherry limeades. It's all pretty ordinary food. But when he SINGS it, those foods all sound delectable. Oh wow, I am so craving a cherry limeade right now! And when was the last time I had tater tots with anything? Never! I need some of those now.

Well, this is just the way life should be. Folks should be driving around singing their orders. Wouldn't that be awesome? And he's so gracious when he sings, too. "Please, please put cheese on them for me, tonight. I would be so grateful to you." Sonic chili-cheese tater tots singing guy, I'll take your order any time!

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Does hearing the menu in a song made the food sound tastier?

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