3 Ways to Eat Spam Without Guilt

spam recipesIf you eat meat, but still have great concerns about how animals are being treated before they wind up on your plate, this is great news. Hormel, the makers of SPAM, has signed on to eliminate most (most? let's try a little harder here, huh, Hormel?) gestation crates by the year 2017. While I wish it were sooner, and the pigs that are kept immobile in these crates wish it would just be illegal already, this is a terrific step forward for humanely raised meat. I mean, if SPAM can find a way to be more socially responsible, who can't?

Of course this doesn't mean SPAM will suddenly be better for you, even if the pigs are treated better and less likely to get disease. After all, it is kind of diabetes-in-waiting. But if you, like me, were raised by people who thought, "Hey, why not have SPAM for dinner?" you'll enjoy these three SPAM recipes with less guilt, starting in 2017.


Fried SPAM & Home Fries

This is how we enjoyed our SPAM when my stepfather did the "cooking" in our home. All you do is heat up your frying pan, add your slices of SPAM and diced potatoes (about 1/2 inch square for easier cooking), and let all the juices simmer together.


That's right, it's mac and cheese with the added kick of SPAM. Mushrooms and bell peppers optional.

SPAM Musubi

Because apparently some people in Hawaii think SPAM makes excellent sushi. No, really. Please, go check this out. OMG.

Do you eat SPAM? How is it prepared?


Image via pandemia/Flickr

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