'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: Pee-wee's Big Judging Adventure Was Annoying

Padma Lakshmi and Pee-wee HermanThis week Top Chef: Texas opened with the always annoying Pee-wee Herman as a guest judge. Why, I have no clue, but it didn't work for me at all, and I could feel the chefs straining to stop from rolling their eyes at all of his ridiculous comments. The chefs cooked up whimsical pancakes for him in the Quickfire Challenge, and he was predictably annoying in his judging of them, declaring each one the best pancake he’d ever eaten.

Edward Lee won, and I was hoping that was the end of Pee-wee ... unfortunately, it wasn’t. Instead, the chefs were tasked with creating a family-style lunch at the Alamo for Pee-wee and the judges. They also had to do everything on a bicycle with $100 and find a restaurant to cook it in.

Pressure was high as this was the last challenge before the final four. And really, no one wanted to say that they got cut because they didn’t cook well enough for Pee-wee Herman. But someone had to go ...


For her fun and original dish that changed Pee-wee’s opinion of the Alamo, Lindsay Autry won with her zucchini stuffed with beef cheeks, rice, and goat cheese. Paul Qui was also safe as the judges loved his roasted Thai salad.

The three on the chopping block then were Ed, Sarah Grueneberg, and Grayson Schmitz. Ed was there for slightly undercooked chicken; Sarah was there because she didn’t use enough seasoning; and Grayson was there because there were just too many ingredients stuffed into her chicken -- spinach, egg yolk, bacon, and Gorgonzola cheese. I was surprised it was Grayson who was sent home and not Ed honestly. As much as I like him, the last thing anyone wants to eat is undercooked chicken. But lucky for him, Pee-wee and the other judges sent Grayson and her knives packing instead.

They also revealed the secret competition that’s been going on between the contestants that have been cut in the Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen. Next week the winner of that will be rejoining the final four. I can’t wait to see who it will be. As long as Pee-wee doesn't come back with them, it will be all good.

Did you think Grayson deserved to go home tonight? Any guesses as to who the returning chef will be next week?

Image via Bravo

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