Wild Groundhog Day Snacks to Lure You Out of Hibernation

groundhog cupcakesYou have Thanksgiving turkey, your Christmas cookies, your Easter eggs, and your 4th of July barbecue. But what do you eat for Groundhog Day? Certainly not groundhog burgers! (Heh, sorry, hope you're not eating lunch right now.)

If you're actually in Pennsylvania, waiting for Punxsutawney Phil to make his appearance, there's hot cocoa and cookies on hand to keep you toasty. But what about the rest of us?


Groundhog Day cupcakes. So. Many. Groundhog Day cupcakes. All on the Cupcakes Take The Cake blog: This one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one OMG with Nutter Butters, the cute!

Remember Groundhog Day, the movie starring Bill Murray? At one point his character realizes there will be absolutely no consequences for what he eats, so at breakfast he stuffs his face with pastries and pancakes. Most notable is the powdered donut that smears across half his face as he shoves it in his pie hole. So hooray, I have concocted an excuse for you to eat donuts for breakfast tomorrow! You're welcome.

If you want to run with that repeating day theme repeating day theme, you could have foods that are cooked two times. For example -- twice-baked potatoes, twice-cooked pork, re-fried beans. Or just plain ol' leftovers.

Remember when I was joking a minute ago about eating groundhog burgers? Yeah, well, Mother Earth News goes there. They tell you how to hunt them: "Groundhogs are fairly easy to trap ..." And they offer this helpful tip once you've bagged your 'hog: "Woodchucks, as well as most other small food animals such as rabbit, raccoon, and opossum, have scent glands that should be excised as soon as possible to avoid tainting the meat." Go on! And then they give you recipes for pie and stew, because eatin' groundhog ain't fancy.

Are you planning to eat anything special for Groundhog Day?


Image via The Peach Martini/Flickr

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