Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day Like It's Your Last

chocolate cakeHappy National Chocolate Cake Day! I know, you probably forgot about it like I did, but not to worry, there's still time to celebrate. I've already taken down a chocolate chocolate chip muffin to try and make up for the lost opportunity at breakfast and you're damn right I'm planning on a sandwich for lunch that includes marshmallow and peanut butter smushed between two slices of chocolate cake. Then dinner, dinner!, what do we do? I know. Let's fill up that empty abandoned pool downtown with chocolate cake and jump in headfirst, Duck Tales style (a woo woo!) and do a few laps in our new dark pleasure pool of cocoa goodness.

Or, or or or or or, we could always just look at some phenomenal chocolate cake recipes and get our drool on that way.


Take Ina Garten's chocolate cake recipe, for example. The Barefoot Contessa herself has done it again with this little piece of heaven. Bow down and worship it because as soon as you smell this sucker baking away in your kitchen, you'll realize that it's now your spiritual leader. A little bit devilish, a little bit godlike, it deserves to be revered.

Then there's this recipe that says it all: Best Chocolate Cake Ever. Who am I to argue? What I like about this is that it uses a lot of everyday ingredients that you probably already have at home. Also, buttercream frosting? Please. That stuff is so good it could make my sneaker taste delicious.

And you can't neglect that sect of chocolate cakes that include molten lava. Perhaps the most elusive and fancy of the chocolate cake family members, its seductive powers will weaken even the strongest of men. Behold: Molten Chocolate Magic.

But if you're a little more down to earth, there's always the amazing chocolate sheet cake from the Pioneer Woman. All in, it includes three and a quarter sticks of butter. 'Nuf said.

Now go forth, chocolate cake lovers, and do this holiday proud. Calories don't count today -- eat up and celebrate January 27 like it's the last National Chocolate Cake day you'll ever see.

And if for some reason you're a mutant freak who hates chocolate cake, don't worry, it's also Punch the Clock Day, and Thomas Crapper Day, and More Info on Thomas Crapper Day. So yeah. Pretty much something for everyone.

What's the best chocolate cake you've ever had? Where? When?


Photo via rizkapb/Flickr

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