5 Paleo Diet Recipes That Will Make You Feel Like a Caveman

paleo diet recipes
Bison, It's What's For Dinner
In case you haven't heard of the latest food trend that requires you eat like a caveman, I'm here to explain it all to you. The Paleo diet -- or "lifestyle" -- aspires to treat your palate as if electricity, heat lamps, drive-thrus, and processed sugar was never invented. In other words, what man ate during the Paleolithic era (around 2.5 million years ago -- @10,000 years ago), when he was in that whole hunter-gatherer stage.

The idea behind eating like a caveman, is that your body is genetically predisposed to digesting foods available during that time period such as grass-fed meats, vegetables, roots, fish, fruits, and nuts. Big no-nos for Paleo diet are basically anything processed, grains, dairy products, legumes and refined sugar.

Some people swear by the Paleo diet, and not unlike the Atkins diet, you will be decreasing your sugar load, so that's always a good thing.

Here are five recipes and websites to help you go ancient.


Slow Cooker Korean Grass Fed Short Ribs

The Paleo site with a sense of humor, Nom Nom Paleo actually makes this diet seem like gluttony. Short ribs? Me want.

Bison Chili

Especially effective if you hunt your own bison. But you'll probably just want to pick some up at the farmer's market.

"Creamy" Chicken Tomato Crockpot Soup

From Everyday Paleo, comes this economical and easy crockpot meal to warm your winter cave.

Brussels Sprouts With Beef and Apple

Now that's what I call a twist on your traditional sprouts recipe. My Paleo Kitchen really goes for it, and makes me hungry for some sour balls.

Chocolate Cranberry Pie

You need dessert, right? I did not know chocolate was something one could find in these pre-dark ages, but according to Paleo Diet Lifestyle, this is all good on the caveman diet.

Have you tried the Paleo diet?


Image via Alan Vernon/Flickr

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