4 Best Chicken Wings Chains That Deliver for the Super Bowl

chicken wingsKnow what goes great with the Super Bowl? Chicken Wings! Mmm, noshing on some hot, sweet-and-spicy wings with a side of ranch sauce and celery sticks sure would hit the spot. And wouldn't it be nice if some wings just showed up at your doorstep around half-time? Well, we've got you covered.

We rounded up some national chains that deliver hot wings and looked into what you get with your order. You know, just to make decision time a little easier for you.


Domino's: Chicken wings come in packs of 8 for $5.99, 14 for $9.99, and 40 for $27.* You have your choice of 5 sauces: Fire, Hot, Mild, Sweet Mango Habañero, BBQ. And a serving of 4 pieces has 190-200 calories, depending on which kind you get. 

Papa John's: These wings are baked and come in packs of 10 for $6.99, 20 for $13.98, 30 for $20.49, 40 for $27.96, and 50 for $32.99. There are 4 varieties: Spicy Buffalo Wings, BBQ Wings, Honey Chipotle Wings, and Unsauced Wings. Dipping sauce options (you get 2 for free) include BBQ, Honey Mustard, Buffalo Sauce, Ranch Sauce, and Blue Cheese. A 2-wing serving contains 170-190 calories, depending on which variety you get.

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Pizza Hut: This restaurant has a whole menu section called Wing Street. You can order packages of 8 for $7, 14 for $10, 22 for $15, and 44 for $27. The wings come in 9 different flavors: Buffalo Burnin' Hot, Buffalo Medium, Buffalo Mild, Spicy Asian, Spicy BBQ, Honey BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan; and you have your choice of traditional, crispy bone-in, or boneless wings. Sauces come in marinara, ranch, or blue cheese. A 2-wing serving is 100-110 calories, depending on variety.

Wing Zone: Lucky people with one of these restaurants in your city can order a package of 5 for $4.49, 7 for $5.99, 10 for $7.49, 20 for $13.99, 25 for $17.00, 30 for $21.99, or 50 for $34.99. You can add a basket of fries or celery sticks for extra. Wing Zone's wings come in 15 different "award-winning" flavors with crazy names like Clark Kent, Hot and Happy, and Buffalo Blue. Oh, too bad -- calorie information is not available online.

Now, I'm just going to put this out there -- Esquire did a survey of the "Best Buffalo Hot Wings In America." It's a pity Bon Chon Chicken and Buffalo Wild Wings don't deliver. However, some cities have delivery services like GrubHub that will deliver for these restaurants. Just an idea ...

*All prices may vary by region.

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Chicken wing fans, who makes your favorite? Will you be noshing on wings during the game?


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