Robert Pattinson Enables Kristen Stewart’s Potato Chip Habit

potato chipYou know who loves potato chips? Kristen Stewart. But not just any potato chips, fancy ones from England. Apparently the Twilight star can't get enough of Space Raiders, a type of crisp, if you will, that comes in flavors like pickled onion and barbecue. Boyfriend Robert Pattinson gave an interview in which he said he brings bags of the stuff back to the States for KStew since they're unavailable in America. I mean, here we only have a billion different types of chips, crackers, pop snacks, etc., but none of them are shaped in the form of an alien head ... so I can kinda see where Kristen's coming from.

RPatz told The Sun that Space Raiders keeps Kristen happy. He said:


Kristen is really into cheap crisps because crisps are completely different in America and you don’t get things like Space Raiders. Whenever anyone goes to England now it’s like, "Bring some back." It keeps us happy.

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It's kind of like me -- whenever someone goes to England, I'm like bring me back a Burberry coat and a cute little British boy. I'll have to add Space Raiders to the list. Ooh! And maybe some, like, special kind of U.K.-only Cadbury products. Easter isn't that far away, folks.

Anyway, it's cute that Rob smuggles alien crisps for Kristen. Can't you just see them, sitting around some multimillion-dollar mansion, eating alien potato chips, and wiping their fingers on the sofa? Stars. They're just like us.

What food that's only internationally available is your favorite?


Photo via ingridtaylor/Flickr

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