Paula Deen Should Take Publicist’s Resignation As a Wake-Up Call

paula deenYet another blow to Paula Deen. I've been trying hard not to jump on the anti-Paula bandwagon and show some compassion and perspective, but she's made it awfully hard. And it looks like I'm not the only one struggling over my feelings for the Queen of Butter. Her publicist has quit!

Nancy Assuncao, Paula's top publicist, told the Daily News she just couldn't get behind her client's latest enterprise. She gave her notice back in October when she first heard about Paula's deal with diabetes drug Victoza. "I couldn’t understand why they thought this was really good for the brand. I’ve been in this business for 34 years, and I just didn’t see it.” All I can think now, is, when your publicist quits on you it's time to re-evaluate your plan.


After all, it's your publicist's job to spin your story so you smell like roses. If Paula's drug endorsement stank that badly for Assuncao -- enough for her to dump a client who must have been a colossal source of income at that -- it should be a wake-up call! On the same magnitude as that diabetes diagnosis.

If I were Paula Deen I would be doing some soul-searching right about now. It might be time to give up on that endorsement deal. It's a $500-a-day drug anyway, and there's lots of controversy over whether it's even safe and effective. You don't need that mucking up your brand.

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Paula should also start looking more closely at what she means by "eating in moderation." And here's where I've got some compassion for Paula. I love fried chicken and brownies and cheesecake, too. And we all talk about these as "sometimes" foods. She needs to get specific about that -- "sometimes" as in "half-portion sizes only on the weekend?" And what kind of healthier food is she eating the rest of the time? Because Paula still, even after all this bad publicity, has a loyal following. She needs to have faith and believe that those fans will keep following her if she admits she's been wrong and changes course (especially if she cries -- just saying). And Lord knows, the woman has enough money to do that Diabetes in a New Light website (or some other version of it) without the drug money.

Paula's greatest asset right now is her fan base. I hope she uses that connection to build something positive from this whole experience.

Would you like to hear Paula talk more about health food?


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