The Only Time When Paying Full Price for Half a Meal Makes Sense (VIDEO)

paying half for full dinnerPaying full-price for my dinner, but only being allowed to eat half may -- at first -- seem like a huge rip-off when I go out to eat. After all, I'm already paying for a babysitter, maybe valet parking (hey, it's L.A.! I can't escape it), and a huge mark-up on my glass of wine. Yet, as an avid restaurant-goer, it hasn't escaped my notice that most of the time I'm shoveling in a heck of a lot of food. Unless I'm going for sushi or dining at an ultra modern joint, it's usually too much for me to finish. Mind you, I have been known to finish, especially when what I'm eating is so delicious I don't want to stop myself. And that, my friends, is not a great idea.

You know what else isn't a great idea? Me just leaving the leftovers on the plate for someone to throw in the garbage. Which is how this whole idea of Halfsies came about, and I'm all for it. Yes, please! Take half of my food, even though I've paid for all of it. It's actually a win-win. Here's why:


There are enough hungry people in the United States to fill Texas? Twice over? Jeez, that's not even remotely okay. While I'm not currently battling obesity, giving my family a great example will go a long way. And also make me keep an eye on my plate and mindful when I'm ordering. I hope this program expands into Los Angeles, but I'll definitely be looking for the logo on the menu when I'm in Austin and New York City.

I love this idea, as giving back to an organization that is fighting obesity, while feeding the hungry, is even better than dessert. And I won't feel bloated afterwards.

Will you go halfsies?

Image via aokettun/Flickr

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