World's Most Expensive Hot Dog Will Punish Your Gut & Your Wallet

hot dog
So 2011.
An innovative restaurant owner in Vancouver has apparently never heard the phrase, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Dougie Luv, that's his name, owns a hot dog shop in the famed Canadian city and has decided that a simple frankfurter just wasn't going to cut it. He's developed what he hopes to be the world's most expensive hot dog. At $100, the dog is made of Japanese Kobe beef that comes from hand-massaged cows and is seared in a bevy of pricey ingredients like olive oil, truffle oil, shaved lobster bits, picante sauce, and an 100-year-old cognac that costs over $2,000 a bottle.

And you thought you were fancy when you ordered a $7 dog that came with sauerkraut, cheese, and chili. Loser. Hot dogs under $100 are sooooo last year.


If you want to hop on board the crazy frank train, you gotta get your highfalutin ass to dougieDog Hot Dogs because the Dragon Dog, as it's being called, is ready to blow your mind. No rush, though, it's not a limited time offer or anything -- Dougie Luv says it's going to be a regular menu item. Hooray.

Before the Dragon Dog, which was named for the Chinese New Year, there was a $69 dog for sale at New York restaurant Serendipity 3. Their dog was a foot-long masterpiece that included black truffles, foie gras, and a pretzel bun grilled with white truffle butter. Dougie Luv hopes to oust this haute dog as the world's most expensive, and has already put in a call to the kind people at the Guinness Book of World Records.

These glorified hot dogs sound tasty and all, but they really just seem like vehicles for truffles. So maybe we should save ourselves the heartburn of a $100 three-bite meal and just buy a jar of truffle salt or oil, grab a $2 frank from our nearest grocer, and have ourselves a little mouth party in the comfort of our own homes.

Our wallets, and our guts, will thank us.

Would you be interested in trying the $100 hot dog?


Photo via ddaarryynn/Flickr

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