This Perfect Chinese New Year Menu Will Bring You Good Luck

chinese food new yearHappy Year of the Dragon! Whether you're thinking about making super babies or just planning to set off fire crackers, you're going to need some delicious food in you to start the lunar new year off right. It's true you could head to your closest Chinese restaurant, but everyone will be thinking the same thing.

Why not create your own feast in your home? Put on the pot for tea, and sharpen up the chopsticks, because it's totally doable to be your own Chinese diner. While there are many styles of Chinese cuisine, the one you probably are most familiar with is Cantonese. So if you want to go traditional Cantonese in the year the dragon rules, check out these recipes for a festive Chinese new year menu, and get ready for a year of fantastic fortune.


Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a traditional new year's dish, and this recipe that comes with a chili dipping sauce is a great way to breathe fire, just like the dragon.

One-Pot Honey Garlic Chicken

Sweet and sour dishes are traditional for the new year, and this super easy Crock-Pot combo of honey and garlic will absolutely do the trick.

Stir-Fry Bok Choy

You know you wanted to know how to cook bok choy, and here's how you can get in your healthy veggie while celebrating.

Fortune Cookies

Of course you've always wondered how they got that slip of paper into your cookie. Now you can make your own and create your own fortunes as well. Now that's how you have good luck in the new year. Make your own!

Are you celebrating the lunar new year?


Image via dslrninja/Flickr

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