Watch Kobayashi Eat 14 Twinkies in 1 Minute (VIDEO)

Kobayashi Guinness Twinkie recordGenerally, competitive eating so totally grosses me out. Watching a person stick one-too-many horribly fatty things into their mouth just doesn't top my favorite activity list. However, yesterday's competitive stint on the Wendy Williams Show, I've got to admit, looked pretty freakin' amazing. 

Competitive eater extraordinaire Takeru Kobayashi went onto Williams' show to set the world record for most Twinkies eaten in one minute. Yes, I'm talking about the soon to possibly be extinct cakey cream-filled yellow Hostess delights. 

The catch? No one had established a Twinkie eating record before. According to a Guinness representative, Kobayashi technically only had to eat four cakes within the minute to become the current record holder.

Still. I'm legitimately jealous of this foodtastic man. This looks like an absolutely delicious challenge! Believe me, you've got to watch the clip to appreciate it:


Okay, so maybe the whole opening the mouth bit to show that the entire Twinkie had been consumed each time was a little grotesque. However, this man is amazing! What skill! What precision! I can hardly believe that he's even human, especially after seeing his stomach poof out like that.

I'm so totally craving something cakey and delicious now. It's hard to imagine that there are people out there getting paid to simply be awesome at eating yumtastic things. Perhaps I've found my new calling! If only the result wasn't inevitable major weight gain.

What do you think of competitive eating? If you had to choose one food to inhale, what would it be?

Image via WendyWilliamsShow/YouTube

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