Everyone's Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Is No Surprise

girl scout cookiesI'll admit, I've long been a Girl Scout Cookie hater. Judged on their own merit alone, those cookies are just not delicious enough for the calories. But after hearing about the mean-spirited Girl Scout boycott, I had to reconsider. The shocking YouTube video of a Girl Scout denouncing a transgender scout has me wanting to cram as many Girl Scout cookies into my mouth as I can!

But where to start? What do y'all recommend? Maybe I should ask... polling website SodaHead.com. They just posted a survey of America's favorite Girl Scout cookies, and the results may surprise you. Or not -- maybe it's your favorite, too!


And the winner is: THIN MINTS! For some reason I was thinking it would be Samoas, but maybe that's just because they're the ones I hate the least like the best. Come to think of it, Samoas may be the most polarizing flavor because of the coconut -- you either love the stuff or you hate it. But the Thin Mints win by a landslide: 49 percent. Samoas trail in a distant 28 percent, and forget Trefoils and Do-Si-Dos; they barely register.

It looks like every demographic likes Thin Mints -- men, women, Christians, atheists, dogs, cats -- just kidding about those last two. What is it about the Thin Mints that make them such an all-around crowd pleaser? Is it the mint? The chocolate? The thin?

I don't know, but there's even a Facebook page, "Thin Mints Are the BEST Girl Scout Cookie" -- I kid you not. Maybe there's a minty perception that they're lower in calories or something? Which is not at all true, I'm afraid to say. They're on the higher end for GS cookies. (Also, since when does a serving consist of just four cookies?!?) Or maybe it's because they're made with crack. Tell me that's a misprint!

Apparently frozen Thin Mints is a thing -- a really big thing. And I didn't learn about it until just this year. Why? Because I'm a hater. WAS, was a hater. Hey, are those cookies even still around? I may have to check out some of that frozen Thin Mint action.

Are Thin Mints your favorite, too? Were you surprised by the survey results?


Image via Marit & Tooma Hinnosaar/Flickr

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