'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: A Wicked Feast for Charlize Theron

Charlize TheronWicked was the name of the game tonight on Top Chef: Texas as the chefs were challenged to create a Gothic feast fit for an evil queen. The queen was none other than Charlize Theron who was there promoting her movie Snow White and the Huntsman.

She told them she wanted evil foods that pushed boundaries and were designed to take out the competition. Then things got ugly ... I mean really ugly.


There were lamb hearts, fried fish scales, and witches' stew. But by far the most outrageous dish belonged to Grayson Schmitz. She used black chicken (a thing I didn’t even know existed) and proceeded to slaughter it on the plate VERY visually. The crowning glory was a quail’s egg splashed across the whole thing to represent the unborn baby that was slaughtered inside. It was anything but appetizing, but the judges loved it and applauded her for pushing the limits.

In fact, they loved everything everyone cooked and could find few faults. It was Paul Qui who won the challenge, however, for his "murder song" dish. It was difficult for them to name the bottom three, but they ended up calling in Sarah Grueneberg, Beverly Kim, and, surprisingly, Grayson because the greens were a little salty and they felt the quail egg should have been hard-boiled. They admitted they were nitpicking.

It was Beverly who was picked on the most, however, for her fish dish. The sauce was a little off, the judges said, and she was sent packing. As I love an underdog, I have to say I was sad to see Beverly go. I don’t think she’s the best chef there, and she tended to stay safe within her comfort zone during the challenges, but I really wanted to see her outlast Sarah at least. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

As for the remaining contestants, I think I’m rooting for Paul. He’s done some really impressive things, and he’s pretty likable for the most part. But besides Sarah (because of how mean she was to Bev), I'd be happy to see any of them take the title.

Were you sad to see Bev go home? Would you have eaten Grayson's dish?

Image via Bravo

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