Mouse in Hamburger Buns Bag Video Is Gross, But Not Knowing Is Worse (VIDEO)

mouseHave you ever learned something about your food that you just didn't want to know? I think that may be what folks in Philadelphia are feeling right now, thanks to a video taken by a former employee. Picture little mice scurrying around the inside of a plastic bag of hamburger buns at a McDonald's. That's what Karrium Demaio claims he captured with his cellphone camera.

EEEEW! And it gets worse. Karrium says his managers told him to just brush off the mouse droppings before serving the buns to customers. Not what you want to hear about your lunch! But wait -- Karrium took the video back in November. So why is he just now releasing it to the public?


Video Shows Mouse In Bag Of Big Mac Rolls:

Before moving on, I think we should all pause now to do the squirmy GROSS! dance in our chairs. SHUDDER! Moving on. Karrium says, “There hasn’t been a time when we couldn’t go in the back and see mouse droppings on the bread. That wasn’t the first time. That was about the sixth or seventh time." But it turns out, Karrium didn't reveal his video until two months after, when he was fired for skipping a shift.

Was the video retaliation? Does it matter?

In case you're wondering if Karrium is trustworthy and suspect he planted the evidence, the Philly Department of Health checked out the McDonald's restaurant and says it's "not in satisfactory compliance." They didn't find evidence of rodents (um, probably because the manager took care of that problem lickety-split???), but you'd want to know if a restaurant was in "satisfactory compliance" before eating there, wouldn't you?

That's why I think no matter what Karrium's motives were for releasing the video, he was doing the public a favor. This particular McDonald's is on notice. If they survive the bad publicity, I bet the owner is going to be a lot tidier in the future, and the Department of Health will probably keep an eye on the restaurant. Well, you'd hope they would, anyway.

Do you want to know about health violations like this, or would you rather be kept in the dark?

Image via ejhogbin/Flickr

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