Paula Deen Recipes Don't Have to Make You Sick

paula deen recipes sick diabetes
Your Yearly Allotment of Deen
Whether you were totally shocked that celebrity chef and mistress of Southern cooking, Paula Deen, is diabetic or not -- you've probably got an opinion on her "coming out." Some of you may think, "Duh, let's move on." But others are rightly cheesed off at not only her timing, but her deception over the past years that she's known, yet still promotes the heck out of butter and sugar.

Deen devotees might need more than a food-related life-threatening illness to stop chowing down on her Mississippi Mud Cake. I too, have been seduced by her (completely unhealthy, yet delicious) recipe for pumpkin cheesecake. And that might be okay, if all of us could remember one crucial rule.


Paula Deen's recipes should be sometimes food, and never appear regularly on your dinner table. By sometimes food, I would even go a step further to say "special occasion food" and never, ever "regular Tuesday night food." Nope, not even Wayne's Beef Macaroni & Cheese. ESPECIALLY not that mac and cheese.

Listen, I enjoy a good buttery, cheesy dish as much as the next gal. More so, maybe. But I know you've got to eat your dark leafy greens a heck of a lot more than your sloppy joes with bacon, mashed potatoes, cheese, and yes -- bacon drippings. Otherwise diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and a host of other unpleasant health issues could follow.

No one knows that better than the lady herself, which is why her coming out is a good thing. Even if she probably should have done it way before we were all hooked on German Chocolate Cheesecake. Which is the complaint: Paula Deen knew her food was bad for us, yet she kept quiet while encouraging the rest of us to eat until we, too, had serious health issues.

Deen's recipes are not good for you, but hopefully her son's new show will show her fans how to eat healthier while still enjoying the flavors of the South. In the meantime, promise yourself to only use Paula Deen's recipes two to three times a year. Your body will thank you for it, even if your taste buds will be left wanting.

Are you mad at Paula Deen?

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