Everyone Knows the Brown M&M's Taste Best

Calling all chocolate lovers! Mars is introducing a brand new M&M's mascot: The brown M&M. Her name? Ms. Brown (Creative, right?) She'll be making her big debut at the Super Bowl XLVI on February 5 in a fancy commercial. Yup, the seductive Green M&M is going to have a bit of sassy competition once the former "chief chocolate officer" emerges from decades of work behind the scenes.

Man, I love when candy is uber yummy and has a great fake backstory, don't you?

I'm not exactly sure why it's taken Mars so long to emphasize the brown M&M. I mean, sure, Green is cutesie and all those Christmas commercials featuring Yellow and Red, those are pretty fun. Come on, though! Brown is totally the most classic option of 'em all, but it also tastes the best!

Am I right, or am I right?


You can't tell me that you don't know exactly where I'm coming from. Whether or not it's true, I agree with Matthew McConaughey's idea a la The Wedding Planner that the brown M&M's have less artificial coloring, and that makes them taste better! Yes, they're all crispy chocolate yumminess -- but there's something about the chocolate ones that just taste creamier and more rich than the other ones to my taste buds.

M&M's aren't the only candies where certain ones taste better than others. When it comes to Runts, I'm a heart-shaped tart gal. Sour Patch Kids? Forgettaboutit. The red one wins by a landslide. Ooooh, and Starbursts? Hand me over five pink ones, please.

To each his own, though. There's nothing wrong with liking certain types of candy more than the others. I'm sure that the ones that you neglect, someone else somewhere else loves them 10 times more. I can't be the only one with an obsessive friend who ONLY likes the red Skittles, right?

What's your favorite candy? Are you excited for the big reveal of Ms. Brown?


Image via jonathanb1989/Flickr

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