Bacon's Links to Cancer Make It the Bad Boy You Can't Resist

baconBad news, bacon lovers: A new study reveals a connection between eating processed meats -- like bacon -- with pancreatic cancer. Eating an extra 50 grams of the stuff a day can increase your chances of getting the cancer by 19 percent. Bacon is already linked with bowel cancer, so this should not be much of a surprise. It's just one more reason why we shouldn't be eating it every day or in large amounts.

And yet ... why am I suddenly craving bacon LIKE CRAZY right now? As in, as soon as I finish writing this piece, I just might head out the door to buy some for Saturday morning breakfast -- if I can hold out that long. Bacon, I wish I could quit you!


It's pretty simple, I think: Bacon is the bad boy of the food world. It's like edible Pete Doherty (you know, the wicked rock-star boyfriend of Kate Moss who was always getting her into trouble). We all know it's bad for us -- and yet, that dark allure is what attracts us to it. Sure, it smells amazing, it's crisp (if cooked right) and salty in just the right way. But that whiff of self-destruction is like a meaty siren call.

Take it from someone who otherwise loves eating healthy food. I don't even like macaroni and cheese -- my comfort food is kale, for crying out loud. I'm that much of a food nerd. Yes, kale -- the food that makes me feel grounded and nurtured every time I eat it. I have plain yogurt and granola for breakfast every morning. I haven't eaten fast food (In-N-Out exception) since college. Actually, I wonder if health nuts love bacon even more than the average eater.

Just like the church-going, straight-A schoolgirl who can't resist the pierced punk on the motorcycle, healthy eaters like me just can't help loving that bacon. That's why we'll keep eating the stuff -- in moderation, of course! -- despite this cancer news. If anything, we'll eat that bacon with a little more feeling of abandon.

Please, tell us how you feel about that bad boy, bacon.


Image via cookbookman17/Flickr

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