Diner Who Broke Waiter's Fingers Needs a Reality Check


club coletteForget Downton Abbey, class warfare rages in full color in the dining rooms of the posh enclave of Palm Beach, Florida. Why isn't all that soft, cushioned money making the residents kinder? At a dining club Saturday night some rich dude named John Castle (yes, really, Castle) BROKE A WAITER'S FINGER. What did the waiter, Paul Kucik, do to deserve such harsh corporeal punishment? He dared present the bill as requested by Castle's wife. "You schmuck, why did you bring the bill to the table?" he reportedly snarled, before grabbing the waiter's hand and twisting his fingers.

The waiter declined to flatter the diner with "Oh my, Castle, what strong hands you have." He also hasn't pressed charges yet, but after getting an x-ray to confirm that the non-handshake had broken his left ring finger he retained a lawyer. As you do.

To be fair (I say, rolling my eyes) presenting the bill at the table simply isn't done at a dining club. It's supposed to arrive at your secretary's desk the following morning tied to the tender coral feet of an alabaster dove. Everyone knows that. But the customer is always right, and the waiter was just following her ladyship's orders.

Anyway, if you've ever spent time in the playgrounds of the tragically wealthy you may have noticed it doesn't always bring out the best in people. We stopped into a diner there one afternoon last winter (not because we're fancy but because I goofed the flight reservations and had us fly out of the PB airport instead of Miami). The waitress there was was oddly delighted to work with us and she eventually admitted, in hushed tones, that most of the patrons in that town were not exactly easy to deal with and it was just really nice to see some regular people. Then she glanced over her shoulder, wiped away a tear, and hurried off to another table.

Maybe it's that combination of old age and money that makes the denizens of Palm Beach especially (sorry, can't help myself) Palm Bitchy. I mean, these people don't even want a farmer's market on their fair island because it would attract undesirables. Maybe they're confusing farmer's market with flea market? Maybe delicious food make them angry? I don't know, but waiting tables should never be this dangerous!

Why do you think a diner would break a waiter's fingers like that?


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nonmember avatar Kristi

I'm sorry, I understand that the waiter didn't follow procedure when it came to the check, however there is NEVER a reason to harm someone physically. And to break someone's fingers over a check? That guys should sue if for no other reason then to teach that guy that just because he has a butt load of money it doesn't mean that he can treat people however he wants.

kisse... kisses5050

 well well sooo this is what the 1% has to get its panties in a wad about... a poor waiter that was not trained properly.. Of course the kid should not have presented him the bill.. His wife had no right to request it.. and only a wait captain presents a ticket  to the host of the table...when you are paying the prices those places cost you simply do not have the same person who brought bread bring a ticket  to rush you off like you are hogging the table for the others waiting on a busy Saturday night at apple-bees ...also the ticket often has service tips and other things that are audited by the captain.  The waiter never takes the ticket.... No excuse to grab his fingers if he really did.... but he was a schmuck...

Maevelyn Maevelyn

Really kisses? You're picking apart the waiter?  As far as I'm conserned the kid could have goosed his wife's ass and he wouldn't have needed to break a finger (although that a tleast I could understand.) Who gets emotional enough about protocol to break a finger? What would the wife have done if her request was ignored? Demand a flogging in true South Florida Style? I hope the laweyer is greedy and the man is band from the club. 

ashja ashja

just proves that money can't buy class.

nonmember avatar Gecko

I have to admit that I get a little tired of people bashing the wealthy - I am certainly not in that 1% (far from it), but I know plenty of people who are, and most would never treat someone as horribly as that man did. While there are certainly those out there who feel their wealth gives them an inaliable right to be assholes, the issue here is not priviledge, rather indecency - and yes, class. Real class - the kind that comes with modesty and kindness, not money. The guy who broke the waiter's finger is a victim of a lack of class - and I hope the waiter sues his freakin' pants off - not because he's a rich jerk, but because he's just a simple, classless jerk.

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

I worked in an expensive restaurant throughout college, and let me tell you people get CRAZY over food and their bill. Once a woman grabbed my arm and twisted it because I told her it would be a few more minutes until her food would be ready. To this day I don't understand why some people get off to treating waiters/waitresses like dirt. I would never go to someone else's job and embarrass them. Working in a restaurant will seriously make you lose faith in humanity.

kisse... kisses5050

LikeAVirgin... Ya I should write a book one day... but there are some nights that you get knocked on your ass too... at the end of one night and the captain handed me an envelope from one of our regulars... They knew it was the beginning of new semester and there was five crisp one hundred dollar bills in it on a 800.00 ticket...and the marriage proposals you get to be part of... or the night I got to help the woman tell her husband they were finally going have a baby.....or the night the poor kid on his date had his card declined and I had to meet his dad outside without letting his date know..and he sent flowers the next day

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

I have worked with some incredibly wealthy people and while some of them were great people, most of them are entitled jerks.

This type of behavior does not surprise me. I hope he gets sued big time.

Proud... ProudMommy0929

@kisses...really? Are you high?! I dont give a shit wat the proper "procedures" are in a place like that. He did wat was requested by the wife. Wat's worse...the waiter bringin the check? Or him tellin the wife that he cant do that cuz there are proper "procedures" he has to follow and risk offending her? Either way...her husband is the fucken schmuck! I dont give a shit how much money you have...money does NOT replace manners. I hope this waiter sues and wins. Rich jerks! Take all your money and go buy yourself some damn manners!

Proud... ProudMommy0929

and FYI...just cuz you were born with money or made your own millions does NOT entitle you to shit! You're still a human being. You still bleed blood just like the rest of us. If there was ever a nuclear bomb dropped (God forbid) your money wouldnt save you anymore than it would save me. You're still gonna die. So get off your damn pedestals.

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