'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: Mean Girl Chefs

Top Chef: TexasThere was no time for a quickfire challenge tonight on Top Chef: Texas, it was right to the elimination challenge for a little game of Restaurant Wars. For the first time, the guys were pitted against the girls, and it was game on.

Each team had to construct a restaurant, come up with a theme, and create a three-course meal with two options for each course. It was a major challenge, and they had about 24 hours in which to do it.


The men were up first and weren't off to the smoothest of starts in their joint dubbed Canteen. There were problems with seating, guests asking for food to be reheated, and a few other hiccups. Things didn't get much better once the food started coming out, and the judges were less than impressed with pretty much everything.

The women reinforced stereotypes about women being more catty as their team bickered and snipped at one another from beginning to end. Lindsay Autry and Sarah Grueneberg were so condescending to Beverly Kim it was ridiculous and didn't help their operation any.

When Lindsay's fish dish flopped, she immediately and unabashedly blamed Beverly and was just flat-out rude. It was Lindsay's dish, and she needed to take responsibility for it and the fact that she didn't give Bev enough instruction. But she was taking none.

Fortunately for the ladies, the chefs liked their food best, and they won. I'm pretty sure things would have gotten even uglier if they hadn't. But the best part was that Beverly won, and Sarah and Lindsay didn't. It totally served them right, especially after Sarah's bitchy comment afterward about Lindsay deserving it more. I may not know who I want to win still, but I know I don't want Sarah or Lindsay to win AT ALL.

The judges felt the men's food lacked a wow factor, and they had big problems with each of their dishes. Any of them could have been sent home. I thought Chris Jones should have gone home for his lack of initiative, but it was a lack of seasoning that sent Ty-ler Boring packing. It's too bad such a nice guy had to go when the likes of Lindsay and Sarah could have.

Were you sad to see Ty-ler Boring sent home?

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