Three Kings Day Cake Will Save You From Mid-Winter Blahs

rosca de reyesWe were just sitting around writing away in the office this week, lamenting the End of the Holiday Treats. Doesn't it feel like there should be cake, say, around 2:00? What happened to after-dinner dessert? Where are the cookies?!? Well, I have good news for you all. For unto you on this day ... there shall be King Cake!

Today is Three Kings Day, the holiday celebrated throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. And guess what? We can haz cake! The cake is also known as Rosca de Reyes, and it's kind of more like bread. But-but-but! There's sugar and icing and candied fruit -- and also a little plastic baby Jesus hidden inside. Check out these Dia de Reyes recipes and ideas.  


Rosca de Reyes is a round (like a crown) sweet bread, usually with candied fruit inside. There are oodles of recipes out there, though the best-looking ones are all in Spanish. But here's a recipe from What's Cooking, Mexico. Or check out Ingrid Hoffman's video recipe from Food Network below. If you want to see photos of beautiful, sugar-coated roscas, check out these cakes from the Phoneix New Times.

Then there is the the Mardi Gras cousin to Rosca de Reyes: King Cake. Some people hide a token inside instead of a baby Jesus. But the most important part is the gold, green, and purple colors in the frosting and/or sprinkles! It's more often eaten in March, but what if you don't want to wait that long? You can make your own with this recipe or buy it as a kit

Have your rosca with some Mexican hot chocolate. The easiest way is to get some of those chocolate tablets from the hexagonal boxes -- you know, those cute "Abuelita" boxes or the striped Ibarra boxes. But my favorite Mexican hot chocolate is by Taza -- ooh, I've got some of the ginger variety in my cabinet calling out my name right now. Failing those options, add a little cinnamon to your usual hot chocolate. 

Other than that, Three Kings Day foods vary from region to region, but I think it's a great day to pick up some tamales or explore some other Latin American food you've never tried -- empanadas, anyone? Buen provecho and Feliz Dia de Reyes!

Does your family celebrate Three Kings Day?


Image via zerethv/Flickr

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