4 Tasty Ways to Eat Less Meat & Not Even Miss It

meatless monday menuIf you're just trying your hand at going meatless on Monday, or if you've been with this meat-free movement for awhile, you may be wondering what the heck to serve up every Monday if you're used to the protein and side meal combination. The idea behind Meatless Mondays is that you are eating in a more sustainable fashion, as well as being healthier. Even one day out of the week that you don't eat meat lowers production and environmental costs in the world.

Sure this idea is big, but the execution can be quite simple. That is, if you plan ahead and go the grocery store over the weekend and load up on delicious options.

There are actually a few different ways you can tackle your Meatless Monday menu and keep everyone satisfied. Here are four that do the trick in eating more responsibly for one day of the week.


1. Substitute

Say you have a family that is super committed to their meat. You can literally cook tofu just like fried chicken, or make seitan and broccoli that mimics your favorite beef and broccoli take-out. Go for quality ingredients, and the flavor will still be there. Which is to say, awesome.

2. Go Pasta

If you have a favorite pasta dish that doesn't include meat (thinking brown butter ravioli, gnocchi in red sauce), this is the night to put it on the table. No one will even notice you're doing a "thing" this Monday night.

3. Take Requests

If you have a house full of people who like to moan a bit about dinner, this is the night to make them work for it. Make it clear that every Meatless Monday relies on each member of the home to come up with a creative, delicious idea for dinner. Stick to it!

4. Go Out

If all else fails, go out to dinner but stick to the meatless items on the menu. Even better, walk to a dinner spot close by so you can continue your commitment to helping the environment through this weekly project.

How do you keep your Mondays meatless?


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