Make Taco Night Healthy in 3 Easy Ways

healthy taco nightI love me some taco night. The kids are happy, mom is happy, the dog is super happy when cheese falls on the ground. It's a big win. Of course, taco night is not the healthiest meal to enjoy on a regular basis. But when you have such a crowd-pleaser in your rotation, it's really hard to give it up.

Which is why I've decided you shouldn't have to give up taco night. Not for any health reasons, anyway. Instead, there are three little things you can change that can turn your less healthy meal into something acceptable to Jamie Oliver.

Here's how to turn taco night around.


1. Give Up the Beef

If you're looking to lean down your protein, try shredded chicken breast instead. You can still season with your favorite taco flavors (cayenne, cumin, lime, salt, pepper) and avoid the fat content. Alternately, go vegetarian and have black or pinto bean tacos. Which brings us to --

2. Make Your Own Refried Beans

There are things you can't even pronounce in those cans of refried beans. It's healthier, and cheaper to buy a can of organic beans, or dried beans and do it yourself. You just saute diced onions and garlic in olive oil in a saucepan. Add can of beans with water, sprinkle cumin, salt, pepper, and add your favorite cayenne, chili, or chipotle pepper. Let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes, then get out the masher and go to town.

3. Add a Vegetable

Maybe you want to stick with what you know. If you don't want to alter your family favorite, just add on. Grate zucchini and sprinkle it on top of your taco. Add shredded carrots into your taco meat. And don't forget -- guacamole does offer you nutrition as well, even though it tastes like a delicious treat.

How do you make taco night healthy?


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