The Real Reason You Can't Resist Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookiesGood news for lovers of all things sweet and delicious. The Girl Scouts are adding a new flavor to their cookie smorgasbord this year: Savannah Smiles. Described as a "cool and crisp lemon cookie" with a delicate dusting of powdered sugar and pegasus tears, the cookie, named after Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low's hometown, is sure to delight your taste buds. Right? I mean, they're Girl Scout cookies for crying out loud. It's true that some people hate Girl Scout cookies, but to me that's crazy. How could they possibly do you wrong?


Now, are Girl Scout cookies my favorite-ist of all the cookies in the land? No, they are not -- although, I love a frozen Thin Mint -- but I do heart them. And not just because they're tasty and come in cute, colorful boxes, but because they're only around once a year.

Anything that comes around once a year -- birthdays, flu shots, the McRib -- is alright in my book. It makes us like the thing more than we otherwise would -- because we can't always have it. It's basic fifth grade psychology. I mean, you don't eat like you do on Thanksgiving every day, right? Of course you don't. Hence, the reason the Thanksgiving glutton-fest is all the more glorious.

The other thing that makes Girl Scout cookies so great is we never know when they're coming. I mean, we're all well-aware of the date of Christmas or our birthday, but the Girl Scout cookies -- they seem to pop up out of nowhere each year, always catching everyone off guard. And it comes in two gorgeous parts -- the ordering, and then the receiving. It's genius. Is there any other foodstuff you get like that?

No, there is not. And I bet if there were, you'd like it a whole lot better.

Do you like Girl Scout cookies? Which is your favorite?


Image via Marit & Tooma Hinnosaar/Flickr

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